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Welcome to La Frite

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Casual Fine Dining

A Southtown staple for nearly ten years, La Frite has led the charge in the swell of top eateries in the area. As the city’s only Belgian bistro, the restaurant serves up masterfully prepared, traditional Belgian and French fare. Situated in a warm and charming European setting. La Frite is not simply a family-owned business, it’s a restaurant which makes its guests feel like dear friends.







Escape into an oasis of excellent cuisine, a relaxing and inviting atmosphere and attentive service at family-owned La Frite Belgian Bistro. La Frite serves some of the finest moules frites outside of Belgium along with an array of classic French bistro dishes with unique twists and a sense of hospitality that is as big as Texas.


The Frites

Hot &  Fresh

La Frite Family

Owners Miles and Icy Donnelly bring their Belgian heritage and a passion for thrilling customers to their restaurant, which regularly places among the most popular establishments throughout San Antonio.

Ever since the mother and son duo purchased La Frite in 2009,
they turned a seemingly impossible fantasy into a thriving reality. 

Under the Donnellys’ leadership, La Frite quickly gained its status as a hotspot in the uber-hip and trendy Southtown neighborhood. As the area developed into one of the city’s cultural epicenters, La Frite transformed from a neighborhood gathering place into a must-visit locale with it's casual fine dining atmosphere. 

As the dining options in Southtown have grown to include some of the most forward-thinking, creating and ambitious restaurants in Texas, La Frite offers European traditions of accessible dishes, a range of mostly Belgian beers that perfectly match the cuisine and an all-French wine list that satisfies all different tastes and budgets.

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